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VIP Services

VIP Services

Are you a highly active executive on a tight schedule, someone who cherishes privacy? And you need someone to keep your IT up and running around the clock? Or maybe you're looking for a personal training to get used to your new computer system or software?

Complease can offer you a wide range of VIP Services like

24/7 Technical Support

You have technical problems, Complease will come to your aid - no matter the time. We keep our technical service and support staff available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Personal Training

You want to use your new video software and don't know how? You want to learn the secrets of computer technology? Complease can provide you with a 1 on 1 training. Whatever the reason, one of our professionals will be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and for the whole training he'll be all yours.

Personal System Management

You want to be always up-to-date with your software/hardware? But you don't have the time to regularly check for updates? Complease will keep track of your system status, and once an update is available we will come to your place and install it. Stay up-to-date, let us handle the details.

Whatever IT service you want, our professionals are eager to provide you with a
fast and reliable solution tailor-made for you.
You name it, we provide it.

We understand your issues